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🌟 Presenting SLAY YOUR FACE 🌟

Completing your purchase secures your enrollment, with a deposit confirmation. The remaining balance of $300 will be due on the day of the class.

Welcome to an exclusive makeup 1-on-1 experience tailored for beginners and intermediates—because every babe deserves to feel like a beauty pro! 💄

In this dynamic class, you'll embark on a transformative journey to perfect or craft your signature makeup look, guided by expert techniques and personalized instruction. Here's what you'll master:

✨ Sanitation: Lay the foundation for flawless makeup with essential hygiene practices.

✨ Skin Prep: Discover the secrets to prepping your canvas for a radiant finish.

✨ Finding Your Skin Type: Unlock the key to selecting products that complement your unique skin type.

✨ Crafting Your Base Routine: Learn how to create a flawless foundation and customize your base routine for a natural glow.

✨ Eyeshadow Methods: Dive into the art of eyeshadow application, from blending basics to advanced techniques.

✨ Colour Theory: Explore the magical world of color and unleash your creativity with expert guidance.

✨ Ada Elizabeth Tips & Tricks: Receive insider secrets and hacks from Ada Elizabeth herself, guaranteed to elevate your makeup game.

✨ Eyebrow Techniques: Master the art of shaping and defining brows to frame your face perfectly.

✨ Making Your Makeup Last: Uncover the secrets to long-lasting makeup that stays flawless from day to night.

And that's just the beginning! With so much more in store, get ready to unlock your inner makeup artist and slay every look with confidence and flair. Join SLAY YOUR FACE and let's unleash your beauty potential together! 💫

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